Pacific City Administrator Harold Selby said he has not given up on the idea of acquiring free radios for the Pacific Police Department from the St. Louis Emergency Agency.

The agency supplied free radio equipment to other Franklin County entities, but not the Pacific Police Department, Selby said.

The radios are part of a new radio system that allows first responders from different agencies who are working on an incident to talk to each other.

When Pacific learned that some agencies had received free radios, Selby applied for radios for the police department.

St. Louis Emergency Agency previously turned down an application from the city, but Selby plans to make one more attempt to change their minds.

“Each time we work on an accident with one of these agencies we have a need to communicate with the first responders,” Selby said.

“I will ask the agency to explain why other entities received the radios and the city didn’t,” he said. “Tax is collected in our city and we respond to emergencies dealing with other entities in St Louis County.”