As the summer growth season ends, an unlikely group of volunteers vows to take to the streets and untended public places to remove weeds and unsightly plants along city streets and rights of way.

Calling themselves the Wednesday Weed Whackers Club, the volunteers will work two or three hours on Wednesday mornings to improve the appearance of the city.

City Administrator Harold Selby came up with the idea, saying he will recruit a combination city crew and volunteers in an effort to improve the appearance of every little nook and cranny of the city’s green space.

In an informal discussion following the Oct. 1 Pacific Tourism Commission meeting, Selby said for two or three hours every Wednesdays workers wielding weed whackers will clean up enough of the edges and undergrowth to give the entire town a more manicured look.

The program kicked off on Wednesday, Oct. 16, with only two weed whackers at work, Selby and City engineer Dan Rahn, but Selby said he thinks other volunteers will join the effort.

The pair started work on First Street, because it is such a public thoroughfare and at the very first corner, they encountered a young tree growing out of the asphalt in the street, which reminded them that it was time to act.

Selby took before and after photos of the corner.

“The before picture was an example of what bugs me,” he said. “I had to use a chain saw on that one.”

In another submitted photo, City Engineer Dan Rahn was using a leaf blower to clean the street of brush and weeds after the cutting was done.

And the program turned out to have unexpected benefits.

“By us being out there we can see other things that need attention,” Selby said. “For example we found a lot of the sidewalks are being covered by Bermuda grass. This grass is encroaching on the sidewalks, in some places as much as a foot. So now we know this needs to be taken care of.”

Any volunteer wanting to join the week whacking effort can contact Selby at city hall at 636-275-0500, extension 213.