Residents are being asked to help create a new comprehensive plan that will determine what Pacific looks like over the next five to 10 years.

Types of zoning districts, possible annexation, parks development, as well as retail and job growth, can be influenced by the new master plan, according to Todd Streiler, urban planner who is crafting the document.

Citizens can provide their views on each of the elements by completing an online survey spelling out their hopes for the future of the community.

The survey can be found on the city of Pacific’s webpage by clicking on the “citizen survey” link.

For those without Internet access, a copy also can be picked up at city hall at 300 Hoven Drive.

Residents are asked to rate the city as it is today, including crime, parks, Osage revitalization, city services, housing and community assets. The survey also asks residents to help define the strengths and weaknesses of the community.

Streiler said he started with a model survey used in other cities and asked Pacific officials to tailor it to fit the city.

“The mayor, city clerk, city administrator and city engineer all had a hand in the questions,” he said. “What we’re looking for is what the residents like and what they think needs to be strengthened.”

Streiler also noted that more than 80 individuals have already completed the survey.

“But we’re looking for much more,” he said. “This should be the people’s plan.”

For more information about the plan, contact Todd Streiler at 314-322-4221.