Developers predict that having a hard-discount grocery store in Pacific will increase the number of shoppers who come here to shop and will do more good for the two existing stores than harm.

“I think Pacific is big enough for three stores,” said Wayne Sauer, Save-A-Lot president.

Speaking at the Oct. 15 board of aldermen meeting, where members approved the plans and zone change needed for the store to be built, Sauer described Save-A-Lot as a family business that operates hard discount grocery stores in St. Clair, Cedar Hill and the Lake of the Ozarks.

“We have meat cut in the store by our butchers and fresh produce,” he said. “You’re gong to like our prices.”

Save-A-Lot will build a 12,000-square-foot store at 2700 West Osage, sharing the parking lot with the West Osage Development.

When it opens, the new store will have 17 to 20 employees. Some 95 percent will be new jobs, according to Paul Schnettgoecke, Save-A-Lot partner.

The firm expects to break ground in November and open the new store in April 2014, according to Sauer.

City Administrator Harold Selby also said that having a discount grocer in the city would bring more out-of-town shoppers to Pacific to shop.