The cemetery committee has launched a fund-raising campaign to repair or replace damaged headstones and is asking for community support, according to Mike Pigg, aldermanic liaison to the committee.

The city owns two cemeteries, the City Cemetery on North Orr Street and Resurrection Hill Cemetery on Highway OO, north of Interstate 44.

Both burial grounds were established in the late 1800s and have graves dating back to that time. There are Civil War soldiers buried in both cemeteries.

Speaking at the July 2 board of aldermen meeting, Pigg said he recently attended the first meeting as liaison to the committee.

“They want to do some fund-raisers for some old headstones that need to be repaired,” Pigg said. “Alan (Bruns, cemetery sexton) would like to do some repair and replacement of those stones and anything we can do to help would get things done quicker.”

When former mayor Jill Pigg appointed a citizens group to restore the two city cemeteries in 2000, the late alderwoman Barbara Bruns organized a cemetery committee and served as liaison.

The committee, which has met regularly since then, sent out a mailing to descendants and families of those buried in the cemetery to raise funds for restoring and resetting damaged stones, creating grave location maps (now available at Pacific City Hall and the Scenic Regional Library), putting up monument-style identification signs as well as street direction signs, and publicized written rules and hours.

The project also built the wooden gazebos in the two city cemeteries.

Alderman Pigg said committee members are concerned that some of the stones have since deteriorated and they want to repair them.

Contributions to the cemetery repair fund can be made to the City of Pacific Cemetery Fund and mailed to city hall, 300 Hoven Drive, Pacific, MO 63069.

Or supporters can drop by one of the locations that have countertop donation jars to make a donation, Pigg said.

Donation jars are located at D’Angelos Pizza, 101 E. Union at First Street; Handlebars Saloon and Restaurant, 147 W. St. Louis St.; Pacific Foods, 302 W. St. Louis St.; and Pigg’s Pets, 1710 W. Osage.