The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) says street directional signs, designed to resemble railroad crossing signs, can be installed on city streets if a breakaway base is installed on each sign so they could topple over in case they are struck by a vehicle.

City Administrator Harold Selby has been in contact with MoDOT about permission to erect the signs that were designed and built two years ago to direct motorists to city sites.

The Pacific Tourism Commission funded the signs as part of a program to rebrand Pacific.

Selby discussed the signs at the Oct. 7 tourism commission meeting.

The signs are currently stored at Sign Experts, 2044 Rose Lane, where they were built.

Following MoDOT rules that say individual businesses cannot be advertised on signs placed on state roads, the city designed the directional signs with the words, food, fuel and downtown.

They were intended to be located on West Osage at two strategic locations where motorists might be looking for specific goods or services.

One was to be installed at the corner of LaMar Parkway and West Osage at the Interstate 44 exit ramp. The second was to be installed in front of McDonald’s at Viaduct and West Osage streets.

City officials have expressed frustration at MoDOT’s unwillingness to approve signs on streets that serve as both state roads and city streets.

“We keep talking with them to work this out,” Selby said.