Two groups of Pacific citizens, unrelated to each other, have come forward to say they want to perform community service labor to make Pacific a better place to live.

Both groups want help from the city to identify the work they might do.

One group contacted Stephen Flannery III, park board president, saying they would like to work in the city park.

Flannery reported that the park board is considering a one-day park cleanup campaign that could use volunteers to help prepare the parks for the upcoming summer season.

“We would publicize the event and maybe attract more volunteers,” Flannery said.

Park board members are discussing the kind of cleanup work that needs to be completed and the use of volunteers to do the work.

At the Feb. 18 board of aldermen meeting, Travis Torblaa, with New Beginnings Lutheran Church, said fellow church members would like to perform practical acts of service for private citizens in the city who might need help.

“Our congregation is compelled to serve the community,” he said. “We want to make Pacific a better place to live, work and play.”

Torblaa asked the city to serve as a collection point for private citizens to apply for the assistance.

Saying that Dan Rahn, city engineer, is the individual most knowledgeable about properties in the city that need improvement, Mayor Herb Adams asked Rahn to meet with someone from the church to determine how to make the volunteer program work.

Citizens who would like to be considered for the volunteer help can contact Rahn at city hall, 636-271-0500.