New Pacific Mayor Takes Oath

Franklin County Associate Circuit Judge Dave Hoven administered the oath of office to newly elected Mayor Jeff Palmore at a special board of aldermen meeting April 23. Judge Hoven was asked to perform the swearing in because City Clerk Kim Barfield and Deputy Clerk Daphne Lindemann did not attend the meeting. This is Palmore’s first term in office.     Missourian Photo.

Pacific was without a city administrator as of Monday morning.

Mayor Jeff Palmore met with City Administrator Harold Selby and told Selby that his term as city administrator had ended with the term of former mayor Herb Adams.

Palmore said he would assume the duties of city administrator until a new administrator is appointed and approved as provided for in city ordinance.

The city administrator appointment was on the agenda of the April 23 special board meeting, but the mayor-elect cut short the agenda after aldermen tabled a motion to appoint a city prosecutor and city administrator.

Selby said after a brief discussion during his meeting with Palmore on immediate things that have to be done, he (Selby) left the office.

“He said I was no longer on the payroll. I think that means I got fired,” Selby said. “He said that he was taking over the duties of city administrator.”

Rumors quickly spread through the city that Palmore had fired Selby but Palmore denied that anyone was fired.

“I did not fire him,” Palmore said. “I am just following the city ordinance that says his appointment as city administrator ends with the term of the mayor.”

Palmore said the determination of who serves as prosecutor, city attorney, and city administrator, needs to be resolved in the boardroom or a court of law.

“We need to do this in an orderly way,” Palmore said. “I will not be intimidated or misled by the former city attorney.”

Selby said he had a brief discussion with Palmore about impending actions that the city needs to take. Selby serves on three community improvement district (CID) boards, which are required to meet in May.

There is a COPS grant the city received that requires status reports in order for the city to be reimbursed for the salary of officers hired under the grant.

The city budget must be completed and approved by the second meeting in June. Copies of the 2013 budget have been distributed to department heads asking them to make their requests and recommendations for the upcoming budget.

Earlier in the day on April 28, Palmore also visited Bruns Vault and Monument Company and notified Alan Bruns, city sexton, that his (Bruns’) appointment as sexton ended with the term of the mayor. Palmore said by ordinance, until a permanent sexton is appointed and approved by aldermen, the city administrator is the sexton.

Palmore said he had not made a selection of who he might appoint as city administrator but said Selby could re-apply for the job if he wished to.

Palmore also told The Missourian that he has had an outpouring from former city employees and elected officials who have offered constructive criticism and a willingness to work for him to keep all city activities running smoothly.

“We will get the city’s work done,” Palmore said.