The owner of a local taxi cab company accused of damaging the vehicle of a rival has been charged in a felony complaint.

Associate Circuit Judge Stan Williams ordered a $10,000 bond in the case of Ralph “Charlie” Bullington, 45, Pacific.

Bullington is charged with one count of first-degree tampering with a motor vehicle in a May 9 incident on the Mercy Hospital Washington parking lot.

Washington police responded to a report from an emergency room staff member who said he saw a man get out of a Yo Taxi and strike the windshield of a Millennium Courier Medical Transportation vehicle twice with a hammer.

A Washington police officer who investigated the incident contacted Bullington, Yo Taxi owner, who admitted to the vandalism, according to a police report.

The officer, in his report, said that Bullington told him he had complained many times to the city council and police about Millennium, but nothing was done, so he took the law into his own hands.

Bullington told the officer that Dennis Maeser, Millennium owner, was operating an illegal taxi service and it was costing him $250,000 a year in lost revenue, according to the police report.

Police said Bullington, who was booked and released pending charges, turned over a claw hammer believed to be the tool used to smash the windshield.

Police then submitted the report to the Franklin County prosecutor’s office for a decision on possible charges.

A warrant on the first-degree tampering charge was issued June 9, according to online court records

Police Chief Ken Hahn told The Missourian that his office did investigate allegations against Maeser and he was cited on two counts of not having the proper city licenses. That case is pending in municipal court.

Bullington addressed the city council in 2012 and earlier this year complaining about Maeser.