Bend Bridge

A replica of the original metal signs that identified the Bend Bridge on South Highway N has been installed on the bridge.

The signs name the 1916 builder and county officials who approved the funding and construction of the bridge.

The original signs, one located on each end of the bridge, were taken down when the bridge was closed last Nov. 15 due to the need for repairs.

Franklin County Presiding Commissioner John Griesheimer said the county would donate one of the signs to the city of Pacific history museum and keep one in the county.

Pacific Alderman Steve Myers approached Alan Bruns of Bruns Monument Company in Pacific to ask if there was a way to make an identical replica of the original plaques.

Using durable resin, Bruns made a detailed copy of the original at no cost. He also assisted in installing the sign back on Bend Bridge.

After receiving permission from the Franklin County Highway Department and assistance from the Pacific Police Department, Bruns, Myers and Myers’ son Zach installed the replacement plaque on the north side of the bridge early Saturday morning July 5.