Grade-level railroad crossings within Pacific city limits that have no safety arms to block traffic onto the tracks have gained the attention of railroad officials.

Thanks to an agreement between the Missouri Transportation Commission and the BNSF Railroad, two of the more heavily used crossings will be improved with complete safety packages.

The first crossing to be improved is located at Dailey Industrial Road. That crossing will receive new flashing light signals and gates with LED lights, guardrail around signal posts, a 10-second gate arm delay, two audible bells and a new signal bungalow with redundant constant warning time circuitry.

BNSF will provide the labor and materials and assume responsibility for completing the work.

The project will be funded in a 90-10-grant program with the Missouri Transportation Commission reimbursing the railroad for 90 percent of the cost. BNSF will absorb the remaining 10 percent. No cap on cost was set in the agreement.

“The cost of the project shall be the total monies expended by the railroad to complete the work described,” the agreement reads.

The city of Pacific is responsible for the costs and labor to install painted stop lines on both sides of the Dailey Industrial Road grade crossing.

Aldermen approved the city’s participation in the new crossing guard at the Jan. 7 board meeting.

According to City Administrator Harold Selby, a second crossing signal improvement is planned for the Fourth Street crossing.

“The railroad met with us last summer and said they would like to put crossings at Daily Industrial and at Fourth Street,” Selby said. “Those were two areas that did not have crossing gates.”