A plan to replace all the doors in all Meramec Valley School District buildings is nearing completion, according to Chris Delmain, support services director.

The final set of doors, which are being installed at the middle school this month, provide a high level of safety for students and staff, he said.

“After installing the last few new doors, we have to install the bores for the locks,” Delmain said. “It should all be completed by the time school starts.”

The new doors were part of a heightened safety program that reached into every aspect of building operations.

“Student and staff safety is not a new idea,” said Delmain, who serves on a district safety committee with representatives from each of the buildings and administration.

The committee meets monthly and discusses practices and safety issues in the buildings and on campuses.

“The district has always paid attention to safety on campuses,” Delmain said. “The new doors are just another way to make our buildings safe.”

When the door project is complete, more than 500 new doors will have been installed in the district’s eight school buildings at a cost of $750,000.

The new doors and locking system offer a strong element of security in the buildings, Delmain said. The mission was to create a safety measure where, in case of any intrusion of a building, a teacher or staff member could get students quickly into a locked and safe environment.

“With the new keying system any teacher can walk into any classroom and lock the door from the inside,” Delmain said. “No intruder would be able to get through these doors.”

Following recommendations from the safety committee, Delmain’s crew is currently installing signs notifying visitors that concealed weapons cannot be carried into the buildings and that all campuses are tobacco-free.