A new computer office supply store in Pacific experienced a better than expected first month.

Noah Giles and his wife Alba opened the store at 314 W. St. Louis St., in the former home of Giles’ late grandparents, Lawrence and Dorothy Giles.

“We weren’t sure we’d sell more than one or two computers during the first month in a new location,” Noah Giles said. “We sold 15 computers, so we’re very optimistic.”

Giles has found a niche in the computer business. He offers rebuilt computers for a fraction of the cost of new.

Some people just want a computer for their kids to get on the Internet,” he said. “These used computers, which have been completely reworked, are right for them.”

Giles also sells new computers, configured to the needs of the buyer, and has enjoyed a brisk business performing virus cleanups on existing computers.

“Viruses are common and they’re a real nuisance, causing all kinds of pop-ups on your screen and in general slowing everything down,” he said. “We just go in and take them out of there.”

Adding office supplies to the store was an afterthought. A brief survey of the area showed that there were no office supply stores in Pacific or even nearby.

The new venture stocks some paper, staples, Sharpies, markers and Scotch tape. The store also is conducting surveys to see what else customers would like.

“We’re working on an office supply catalog and take orders on the phone,” Giles said. “We can get almost anything here in one day and we deliver.”

A nonstop talker, who attended Pacific High School for three years, Giles said locating a business in the house that family members once lived IN has been like coming home.

“I actually lived in the house for five years, between 2000 and 2005,” he said. “And my mother lived here at one time.”

The residence has been completely renovated as a commercial property with quarry tile floors, light beige walls with white trim.

“My wife Alba actually did the decorating,” Giles said.

Alba Giles was a doctor in Mexico, who was in general family practice, when the couple met as Giles was on vacation in Cabo San Luca. She is currently studying to take the exams for a U.S. medical license.

Giles said his emergence in the computer business was a matter of timing. He entered Southwest Missouri State University in 2000, just as the computer industry and the Internet were taking off.

“I took one course in introduction to computers and I was hooked,” he said.

After college he worked full time as a technology specialist for the university, but started his own business on the side in 1998 developing webpages. He later took a job in Internet technology in the health care industry.

In 2005, he started Giles Computer Repair and by 2008 he had enough business to quit his job and operate his computer repair and computer sales business full time.

Giles Computers moved into the St. Louis Street building June 19. For more information about the business call 636-271-3663.