Thanks to a donation from a local business owner, the fitness training room in the new Pacific police department is now filled with state of the art weight and fitness equipment.

Pacific police officers moved the equipment and installed it in the fitness center located in the new government center at 300 Hoven Drive.

Keith Bruns, Subway restaurant owner, donated the like new system from his home fitness center.

Bruns said he decided to donate the equipment because he now works with a personal trainer.

“I’m weight training several times a week,” he said. “My goal is to bench press 200 pounds 10 times and because of a weakness in my right arm, I need a spotter. When the chief mentioned the empty fitness center during the city hall open house, I immediately thought of the idle equipment just sitting there.”

The equipment, which consists of a Bowflex Supreme and a MARCY Universal weight system, is valued at $20,000.

“It’s certainly what we would have wanted for the fitness center,” Mansell said. “We would have eventually bought equipment, something like this, but it might have been done over a period of several years.”

The fitness center is now in use around the clock. Officers are in there before and after their shifts.

“Some are even coming in on their days off to work out,” Mansell said.