Pacific High School students repeated the performance of past government studies students, winning competitions in the Model UN competition.

In the one-day event, students select a country and role-play as diplomats representing that country in the United Nations.

Matt Agee, social studies teacher and Model UN sponsor, congratulated PHS participants at the April 17 Meramec Valley School Board meeting, held in the PHS auditorium.

“We did well again this year,” Agee told school board members.

Agee, who participated in Model UN when he was a student at Pacific High, asked to sponsor the annual competition when he returned as a teacher.

PHS faced some of the toughest competition and largest number of participants than they had ever faced in the Union High School Model UN competition this semester, Agee said, but still came away with awards.

In the competitions, students create a flag for their chosen country, describe a problem currently faced by that nation and create a solution to solve it.

“Pacific teams were able to sweep the flag competition in the event at Union High School,” Agee said.

Pacific High’s North Korea delegation, consisting of Masa Maras, Megan Whitelock, Megan Meininger and Jeanina Gruendler took third place.

The South Sudan delegation, consisting of Trey Dawson, Zach Stow, Micah Mann, Tyler Smith, Alex Folz and Jayson Fricke took second place.

First place was captured by the United Kingdom delegation, consisting of Kersten McDonough, Sarah Blake, Emily Weaver, Ashley Christine Hill and Sara Mosher.

PHS teams representing Turkey, South Sudan and Turkey won delegation awards.

The Turkey team, consisting of Taylor Hill and Brittney Franek, received third place. South Sudan, consisting of Micah Mann, Tyler Smith and Alex Folz, received third place in committee. North Korea, consisting of Megan Whitelock and Jeanina Gruendler, received third place in historical Security Council.

Other winners were Maddie Wurst, runner-up best delegate in special political committee; Jake Schultz, runner-up best delegate in political and security committee, and Taylor Hill, winner of the legal committee.

A major award went to Maddie Wurst, who out of nearly 400 students, won runner-up best delegate in the overall general assembly.