Planning commissioners had no trouble approving a conditional use permit to allow a computer repair business — that could grow into an office supply store — in a converted residence on St. Louis Street.

Speaking at the Pacific Planning and Zoning Commission meeting April 23, Noah Giles said he wants to open Giles Technologies at 314 W. St. Louis St., adjacent to Pacific Foods, in a 2,200-square-foot building. Giles owns the building.

The house, constructed as a residence, formerly housed Giles Insurance, but has recently been residential rental property.

Giles said his computer business, now located in St. Louis, has been growing and he wanted more space, so he decided to relocate to Pacific.

When it first opens, the new business will offer computer repair, but Giles said he hopes to eventually offer computer classes and some office supplies.

The property is located in a C-1 downtown commercial district, which allows combined residential and businesses.

“Residential conversions are allowed,” said Todd Streiler, zoning officer.

There would be no alterations to the exterior of the building and there was no proposed outside storage.

Streiler also said the proposed business would offer no adverse effect on neighboring properties and was not likely to cause traffic congestion.

The property is currently leased to a resident, but the lease is up May 1, Giles said. When the property is vacated he will begin a renovation to relocate his business there.

Commissioners noted there were two options for parking as the business grows. The computer business also might be able to utilize some of the unused parking at Pacific Foods next door.

An unused alley behind the building also could be paved and striped for parking.

The commission noted in the approval that if Giles ever decides to create parking in the rear, the improvement will have to come back to the planning and zoning board.