Tourism Commission members say a proposed program to market the city in an ad series in The Missourian has been so confused with talks of the newspaper increasing its presence in Pacific that the program may be in jeopardy.

The tourism commission, under leadership of outgoing president Tim Baker, sought to promote the city’s visitor venues, shopping districts, parks and public events in a six-month ad program.

“We wanted to show people in areas outside Pacific that there are good reasons to come here,” Baker said.

At the same time the ad campaign was under discussion, Baker also was talking with The Missourian about creating a Pacific section. Currently, the Pacific news pages, which have appeared every week for the past 15 years, are tucked behind the Union or St. Clair section.

“Our goal was to have a more distinctive spot in the paper,” Baker said. “But that was completely separate from the program to begin a serious ad campaign to market the city as a place to visit and shop.”

Dennis Oliver said the ad campaign is a “no brainer,” providing 50,000 hits a month on the emissourian web page, in addition to print ads in the Pacific section of The Missourian.

Oliver made a motion to go forward with the ad campaign, which was seconded by Kelley Washam. Both voted in favor of the project.

Keith Bruns, who became commission chair Nov. 4, voted no.

Bruns said he could not separate the question of advertising and a stand-alone Pacific section. He also had questions that if he were to place an ad for his Subway sandwich shop about where it would be placed.

“It’s two completely separate issues,” Baker said. “I might have confused the issue in my enthusiasm about talks with The Missourian about a Pacific section. We seem to be further along now than we’ve ever been.”

Alderman Walter Arnette, who serves as aldermanic liaison to the commission, also said he had questions about the proposed advertising program.

The question will go to the board of aldermen for consideration.