Pacific officials have agreed to join Gov. Jay Nixon’s program to help returning veterans find work.

The action was in response to a request from Steve Weingart, a veterans’ representative, who spoke at the July 2 board of aldermen meeting.

“There has been a lot of talk about veterans coming home and can’t find employment,” Weingart said. “I want Pacific to go on record that we support our veterans and any opportunity we have to hire a veteran we will.”

Weingart noted that Nixon visited deployed veterans in 2010, then came home and launched the “Show-Me Heroes” initiative to help Missouri’s veterans and members of the National Guard and Reserve reconnect with meaningful careers, and to showcase Missouri employers who have pledged to do so.

City Administrator Harold Selby said two Pacific firms have already pledged to hire veterans.

“Last fall we went to Husky and the box factory (Graphic Packaging) and the governor came to Pacific,” Selby noted. “Those companies took the pledge to whenever possible hire a veteran.”

“We try to give public recognition (to businesses and communities) for taking that pledge,” Wiengart said. “Three thousand companies took pledge over 4,000 veterans have been hired.”

Companies that do it qualify for Governors Flag of Freedom, which was awarded to Graphic Packaging after the firm hired 40 veterans. It was the first award in Franklin County.