A woman who was observed on multiple occasions putting trash bags in the city park dumpster has been charged with illegal dumping after reports of her activities were viewed on the park camera system.

The incident brought attention to a city ordinance that is violated regularly, according to Police Chief Matt Mansell.

“People frequently drive up to a dumpster in the park, an apartment complex or a business and throw their trash into the dumpster,” Mansell said. “I guess they don’t want to pay for trash service.”

The cameras revealed the vehicle license number, which allowed police to track down the individual. At first she denied that she put trash in the dumpster.

“But we put those cameras in the park and when we were notified we reviewed the tapes and the evidence was there,” Police Chief Matt Mansell said. “There were multiple incidents. This was a regular thing.”

Stephen Flannery, park board president, recognized the Pacific Police Department action at the Aug. 20 board of aldermen meeting, saying it was rewarding that police would react in such a timely manner to a nonemergency event that was deemed important by park board members.

Mansell said Illegal dumping is an ordinance violation and individuals who do it are going to be cited for the offense and will have to appear in municipal court.

They are often fined and in some cases have to pay restitution.

“A nonresident recently dumped a sofa into an apartment complex dumpster and was observed in the act,” Mansell said. “The apartment complex had to pay to have it hauled away so that individual was ordered to make restitution.”

Because there are often people around an apartment complexes, individuals who illegally place trash in their dumpsters are seen.

“We get calls from apartments or local businesses at least every other week that someone is throwing things into their dumpsters,” Mansell said. “It’s illegal and we take it seriously.”