Many of the repairs to the city swimming pool building, called for by Alderman Steve Myers at the July 1 board meeting, have been completed, but there is still much to be done, according to Mayor Jeff Palmore.

Speaking at the July 8 operations committee meeting, Palmore said he visited the pool and found everything to be as reported or worse.

“The pool, building and infrastructure are just plain tired,” he said. “In addition to Steve Myers’ comments, a few other problems were noted. These are not significant, but they are noteworthy.”

Palmore listed seven things he found, including underwater light bulbs out, circuit breakers trips often for cash register and refrigeration, paper towels wrong size for dispensers, no batteries in paper towel dispenser, trip hazards and a stuffing tube through the roof is leaking.

“By the time I arrived at the pool on Thursday, some of the repairs had already been accomplished,” he said.

Many of the problems were long-term deficiencies. Some of the items have existed for at least two years.

“That fact leads me to believe we are just overlooking some of these problems,” Palmore said. “When the pool is opened every spring we should note and correct any and all deficiencies. The responsibility to provide a safe and clean environment lies with the city and the pool management company.”

The mayor also said he noted a significant decrease in pool revenue and increase in the cost to the city.

“I believe we should revisit the decision to outsource pool management,” Palmore said. “At a minimum, we should better define our role and the role of the management company.”

City employees should be authorized to make routine repairs and should have the funding for those repairs, Palmore said.

The mayor said some needed repairs at the city swimming pool and building have existed for at least two years, others longer than anyone can remember.

“I will be working with the city engineer and public works to remedy the noted deficiencies,” he said. “Together we will establish a plan to ensure we stay abreast of maintenance issues before they get out of hand.”