A 60-year-old water line on West Congress Street that has burst too many times to count is being replaced with a larger, PVC pipe that will deliver a much higher volume of water and be less likely to burst as the ground shifts in changing weather.

There was no disruption of traffic as crews took advantage of the warm weather spell Feb. 25 to work to install the new water lines in the median beside the roadway, for easy access.

The old pipes were in the road and crossed the road in one place, requiring the street be torn up to make repairs.

Lappe Contracting was awarded the contract to install approximately 2,500 feet of new water main and add 48 new services.

The cost of the project is approximately $280,000.

The project will involve installing new 8-inch water lines from Hawthorne Subdivision to Fourth Street, replacing 4-inch cast iron pipe that was installed around 1959, according to Ed Gass, former public works commissioner.

“The 4-inch pipe didn’t deliver enough water for today’s firefighting,” Gass said. “It was time to replace them.”

The project also includes new curbs and gutters.