A 13-year-old Boy Scout, who has already achieved Life Scout rank, is now ready to tackle an Eagle Scout project.

Brandon Queen, Troop 363, Catawissa, recently discussed his project — painting a mural on the exterior wall of the Pacific swimming pool building — with the Pacific Park Board.

He doesn’t know yet exactly what he would paint but he considers himself an artist.

Brandon wants to add his ideas to the Eagle Scout improvement projects already completed in Pacific parks.

The Life rank requires that the Scout serve in a position of responsibility and perform community service, demonstrate Scout spirit and earn a total of 11 merit badges. It is the second rank attainable and ranks above Star Scout and below Eagle Scout.

“He (Brandon) has been drawing since he first picked up a pencil,” his mother Jennifer McKennon said.

The would-be Eagle Scout turned to Zach Myers, a fellow Scout, for ideas for his mural.

Myers earned the rank of Eagle Scout by installing a replica Civil War cannon on the bluff in Blackburn Park.

“I wouldn’t use Zach’s drawing because I want to do something original, Brandon said. “But I talked to him about ideas for the mural.”

Brandon appeared at the March 24 Pacific Park Board meeting to discuss his Eagle Scout project.

He told the board he considers himself somewhat creative. He chooses “designer stuff like Legos and Minecraft” for personal time activities.

“It’s a combination of complex machines with pistons, switches and gears,” he said. “You can build houses, skyscrapers, cities and even a Japanese-style compound.”

The park board liked the idea of a mural and urged Brandon to move forward with his quest to select a drawing.