Keith Bruns has been named to chair the Pacific Tourism Commission.

The tourism commission was formed in 2007 after voters approved a tax collected by the city’s hotels-motels, which would be spent to promote Pacific as a tourist destination.

State statute and city ordinance established that a tourism commission made up of members of the local tourist industry, motels, public venues and restaurants would determine how the funds were to be spent.

The city ordinance calls for the members to rotate off the board after serving two consecutive three-year terms.

Tim Baker, who served as chair for the first six months, stepped down at the November meeting. As chair of the Pacific group, Baker also served on the Franklin County Tourism Commission.

The other commission members voted for Baker to continue to represent Pacific on the county tourism commission.

City ordinance requires that a number of the tourism members come from the tourism industry.

Bruns also chairs the Pacific Industrial Development Authority.

He is an active member of the tourism industry through his ownership of three Subway restaurants, including the flagship Pacific store that he opened at First and Osage in 1989.

Bruns also serves on the board of the North American Association of Subway Franchisees (NASF).