Acting on a request from residents of Millstone Apartments on Flier Drive, Pacific is moving forward with plans to install a crosswalk on West Osage to allow pedestrians to walk to a pharmacy on the north side of the street.

City Engineer Dan Rahn reported at the April 16 board of aldermen meeting that he’s worked out details for the requested crosswalk and an additional pedestrian crossing to serve residents north of Interstate 44.

Alderman Walter Arnette asked for the crosswalk two months ago, saying he had been contacted by residents of the apartment complex, who walk to the grocery store and wanted to be able to walk to Pharmax Pharmacy on Hoven Drive to pick up their prescriptions.

Rahn said he met with MoDOT to work out engineering for the project. One pedestrian crossing would be located at the traffic signal at LaMar Parkway, near the eastbound I-44 interchange, which is several hundred feet east of Hoven Drive where the pharmacy is located.

“We would have to construct sidewalks on the north side of Osage,” he said.

Rahn said he had looked at a second crosswalk at the New China restaurant, which would tie into the sidewalks under the viaduct and give pedestrians from north of I-44 a way to walk to the grocery store and pharmacy.

Total cost for the project would be approximately $150,000.

“We have about $125,000 in non-attributable funds available through MoDOT, which doesn’t give us the full amount,” Rahn said. “But for the city’s portion of $50,000 we can build the sidewalk and two crosswalks.”