Too much visibility may be hurting the Pacific Community Garden.

Local gardeners are already tilling and planting the 53 raised four- by eight-foot garden plots.

But recently garden materials and vegetables have disappeared from the garden.

Susan Cunningham, one of the organizers, told aldermen that the community garden needs to be fenced.

Speaking at the May 7 board of aldermen meeting, Cunningham said children were borrowing tomato stands and carrying them to a nearby area to play and not returning them to the garden. She said other citizens are harvesting vegetables for their own use.

“Some passersbys think community garden means they can help themselves to vegetables,” Cunningham said.

“We have about 25 gardeners in the Pacific Community Garden, which is located one block east of First,” she said. “This is our third season. A Girl Scout troop works with us. Seven plots donate the produce to senior center and Agape Food Pantry.”

Originally, organizers did not want a fence because they liked the visibility, but now feel it would probably help.

“We’re asking aldermen to consider installing a fence,” Cunningham said. “My husband estimates it would cost about $3,100.”

City Administrator Harold Selby said some local Boy Scouts recently contacted the city about future Eagle Scout projects and the fence may be a good project for them.