The Pacific Planning Commission approved a request to divide a lot at 2700 West Osage and rezone the site to a planned unit development (PUD) that includes requests for waivers to enable the building of a new grocery store there.

Matto LLC, Cedar Hill, wants to build a 12,000-square-foot Save-A-Lot grocery store on the property. They said the waivers actually improve the use of the building site, which is an undeveloped section of the West Osage development.

Save-A-Lot wants the grocery store to face the existing parking lot, which it will share with the businesses there. That will eliminate the need for a second entrance off West Osage, according to Todd Streiler, Pacific zoning officer.

Speaking at the Oct. 8 planning and zoning commission meeting, Streiler supported the developer’s request for waivers, saying the project is an excellent use of an unusual site.

John Lark, of John Lark and Associates, architects and planners, presented details of the building plan and need for relief from the landscape requirements in the code.

Developers would save the existing trees on the property, which would offset the regulations calling for landscaping of new developments. They say the mature trees are already there and the need to utilize the parking to accommodate delivery trucks that would proceed to the rear of the building creates a more appealing store.

Developers also want to use faux stucco metal panels on the entire front and part of the side of the building, which is considered a waiver from the regulations that prohibits metal buildings for commercial fronts.

Streiler said the faux stucco was similar to the surface of the Pacific Video Store, which still looks as good as the day it was built.

The grocery store would sit on the lot located east of the existing strip mall and share the parking lot and West Osage entrance.

Planning and zoning commissioners voted unanimously to recommend approval of the zone change and plat plan as presented. The board of aldermen will consider the request this week.