After receiving new radios from St. Louis County, the Pacific Fire District donated its existing radios to the Pacific Police Department for $1 each.

The 25 hand-held radios, 11 mobile radios and three six-radio gang chargers are valued at $70,000, according to Fire Chief Rick Friedmann.

The radios are programmable and can be used to talk in four or five frequencies in the very high frequency (VHF) bands that Franklin County first responders use.

The radios are the same Motorola radios that Pacific officers now use, according to City Administrator Harold Selby.

“This not only represents a gift worth many thousands of dollars, it will let us assign a radio to every one of our officers,” Selby said. “Recently, we had more officers than radios and some officers had to share radios.”

The fire district applied for and received 48 hand held and 15 mobile inter-operable ultra high frequency (UHF) radios that are programmable to the new 800 MHz towers being phased in in St. Louis County.

Chief Friedmann said when he learned that St. Louis County had received a grant to provide radios for county first responders he immediately applied for the radios.

“After we received the new radios from St. Louis County our fire district board discussed it and we wanted the old radios to be used in some way to benefit the citizens of the fire district,” Chief Friedmann said. “The Pacific Police Department was the obvious choice.”