A Pacific police officer credited with saving a man’s life was commended by Police Chief Matt Mansell in a special ceremony Nov. 16 in the department’s emergency operations center.

Officer Steven Zapolski was on routine patrol April 17 on Interstate 44 when he saw a vehicle off the side of the roadway. When he approached the vehicle he saw a man was seat-belted inside and unresponsive.

Officer Zapolski informed the Pacific dispatcher and then pulled the man from the vehicle and began CPR.

The Eureka Fire Department paramedics arrived on the scene, started additional treatment and transported the man to the hospital.

“Because of Officer Zapolski’s dedication to duty, the subject lived through the ordeal,” said Police Chief Col. Matt Mansell. “I commend Officer Zapolski for his action and award him the Police Officers Lifesaving Medal.”

In front of the department’s detective force, Amanda Zapolski, the officer’s wife, pinned the medal on his shirt.

“I was just glad I could help,” he said.

“This is only the second lifesaving medal awarded by the Pacific Police Department in his memory, Chief Mansell said.