Ward 2 Alderman Steve Myers said he’s not happy with the appearance of the wedge of ground that sits between the Interstate 44 eastbound off and on ramps.

Myers said the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is not maintaining the triangular piece of land, and it creates an unsightly entrance to Pacific. He wants the city to take ownership and landscape it.

Speaking at the Aug. 20 board meeting, Myers said he approached MoDOT about deeding the wedge of ground to the city.

He spoke with Judy Wagner, MoDOT area engineer, and she was open to the idea of giving the ground to Pacific.

“She (Wagner) said they would do it,” he said.

The alderman also said he envisions a manicured and landscaped spot at the city entrance.

“It should be landscaped beautifully instead of ugly bumps,” he said. “It would be nice if we instituted some program such as signage that says Welcome to Pacific.”

Myers said he had made a sketch of what the landscaped wedge could look like.

No action was taken on the suggestion.