City crews entered a fourth day of snowplowing Friday, Jan. 10, only this time the mission was to clear snow banks away from the front of street storm drains.

Snow mounds blocked sewer drain openings throughout the city, often trapping leaves or debris creating a dam in front of the opening, according to City Administrator Harold Selby.

Workers pushed snow away from the front of drains on St. Louis Street, in the commuter parking lot, the city park and on streets throughout the city.

With temps rising over the weekend and a healthy rain promised to clean up the most darkened snow lining city streets, the real worry was storm drains blocked by snow throughout the city, Selby said.

As the snow melts, water needs to drain into the storm drains and not pond in front of drains or flood low lying areas.

Temperatures will continue to rise and could reach the mid-50s by Sunday.

“We were actually lucky that we didn’t have an extremely heavy rain,” Selby said. “We started working on the drains right away so I think we will be OK.”

City crews were called in Wednesday evening and worked all night clearing the streets.

“We were able to clear some drain openings Wednesday overnight,” Selby said. “City Engineer Dan Rahn and I studied this and we may be able to do an even better job for the next big snowstorm.”