The upcoming October rodeo, which will be held in Liberty Field on South First Street, will offer an opportunity for downtown businesses to help the city recoup some of the investment made to bring the rodeo, according to Mayor Herb Adams.

The tourism committee recommended, and aldermen approved, using $10,000 of the tourism reserve fund to secure the contract with Outlaw Rodeo Productions to put on the two-day equestrian event.

The mayor said he has been visiting with downtown business owners talking about the economic gain for them and for the city, and asking them to think ahead about wooing the rodeo fans.

“I’m asking them to work together to find a way to slow some of those people who come to see the rodeo down and bring them into their doors,” Adams said. “I’m looking to double dip here.”

In addition to the gate receipts that will benefit the city parks system and the vendor and sponsor fees that will benefit the hosting organization — which Adams hopes will be the Pacific Partnership — the city also can benefit from increased sales taxes if rodeo fans take time to frequent the downtown businesses.

“We as a city need to look at how to recover our investment,” Adams said. “Increasing sales taxes from the downtown businesses which can pull in the rodeo crowd is one method.”

The rodeo, which will be held in October, is the final event on the Outlaw Rodeo Productions 2013 tour.

The rodeo has been held in Eureka, as the Eureka Firefighters Backdraft Rodeo, for the past 20 years and will now move to Pacific.

Organizers say this area has always attracted some of the rodeo’s largest crowds.