The Pacific Planning and Zoning Commission gave the go-ahead for property owner Joe Bosse to construct an apartment complex on his Route 66 Business Park at 508 E. Osage.

Bosse wants to locate the apartments directly east of the Dollar General store, between the row of trees on East Osage and the sand bluffs.

The developer proposes building six three-story apartment buildings that would each contain 12 units for a total of 72 one- or two-bedroom apartments. The buildings would have elevators.

The size of the apartments would tend to limit the number of families with children in the complex, Bosse said.

Two buildings would be located at the back of the property, close to the sandstone bluffs. Four buildings would be built at the front of the development near East Osage.

The developer is seeking a planned unit development (PUD) for the project. The property is currently zoned C-1, downtown commercial, which allows multifamily R-3 uses, according to City Engineer Dan Rahn.

Bosse said attempts to attract commercial businesses to the site have not been successful and he feels an apartment complex would be appropriate for the site.

“We had to find an economic program to make this property viable,” he said. “We designed something to help the community and help ourselves and do it as it is supposed to be done. We build quality and do things right.”

Commissioners were concerned about the request for a variance to the city’s sidewalk requirements. The developer wants to build a sidewalk on the west side of the complex between the apartments and the Dollar General store.

Commissioners said they would prefer a sidewalk along Route 66 Business Parkway that forms an arc from Neosho Street to East Osage.

“This is a neighborhood where a lot of people walk,” Alderman Nick Chlebowski said. “A sidewalk on the parkway would provide a loop from Neosho to Osage.”

Bosse agreed to the Business Parkway sidewalk if he could eliminate the sidewalk on the west side of the complex. He said he would plant a green barrier at the edge of the development.

Commissioner Jim Smith said the project would help to fill the need for housing in Pacific.

“I get calls every day from people looking for rentals,” Smith said. “In Pacific, it is now hard to find a place to live. People want to come here, but can’t get here.”

“If we need housing in Pacific, this is the best location in this town,” Bosse said.

Commissioners voted unanimously to recommend approval of the PUD, which will go to the board of aldermen for consideration.