The Meramec Ambulance District is looking at new ways to improve the overall health and wellness of its team members.

“Recently, the district implemented several new changes to improve the overall health and wellness of our team members,” said Chief Chris Clifton. “Over a year ago we partnered with Gordon Leftridge and the Fit 4 Duty program, which is a fitness training group for emergency personnel.”

The program uses minimal, inexpensive pieces of equipment to help strengthen and maintain levels of physical fitness, which helps emergency crews perform their jobs and serve the community to the highest standards.

More recently, Meramec Ambulance added a Healthier4U vending machine.

The stand-up display provides healthier options than normal soda or snack machines familiar in the workplace.

“These machines help to provide crews with healthier options when they encounter busy days when it is a struggle to obtain a nutritious meal,” Clifton said. “With the hard work our staff invests into their health, we in turn can invest that into our community.”

The district’s goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle for all team members, so they can then provide residents with the best care.