Alderman Steve Myers wants to see the city or some civic organization plan an event commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Oct. 1, 1864, Civil War battle that took place in Pacific.

“There was a Civil War battle here 150 years ago,” Myers said. “Sterling Price came north and this is as close to St. Louis as he got. We ought to beat the drum for tourism.”

Myers said if no event is planned the city would be missing an opportunity.

Mayor Jeff Palmore said he liked the idea but he personally did not know enough about Civil War history in Pacific.

“Can we definitively say where the troops were?” Palmore asked

Myers referred to the Civil War in Pacific program that was preserved on video, which the Meramec Valley Genealogical and Historical Society put on in 2010.

“They (Confederate troops) burned all the buildings along St. Louis Street,” Myers said. “Proof of that battle exists.”

Palmore said he was open to the idea. He said success would depend on someone serving on a committee, coming up with ideas and putting an event together.

Myers said he believed that supporters of an event could be found.

“There are folks who are willing to do it,” Myers said. “It will take the effort of a small regiment. We can start by soliciting support.”