The city’s soccer field and equestrian center is not easy for visitors to find and directional signs are needed, according to Alderman Nick Chlebowski.

The 31-acre park is located one block east of South First Street and is visible from some sections of the roadway if motorists know the open field is a park, but there are no signs indicating which roads lead into the park.

A new restroom/concession stand building is soon to be constructed in the heavily visited park, which draws large crowds during soccer season and the annual rodeo.

The field can be entered from South First Street at Pacific Street or Duncan Drive.

Chlebowski said a citizen approached him asking that the city install one or more signs on First Street directing motorists to the park. The main reason is to assist the many visitors who come to the park for soccer games and tournaments, rodeos and other public events.

But some local residents also struggle with the unmarked entrance, he noted.

“People have difficulty in finding the entrance,” said Chlebowski, who prefers that a sign be placed at the southern entrance near Rock Solid Landscaping.

Mayor Jeff Palmore agreed that an entrance sign is needed, saying as a resident who has visited the park many times he always struggles to recall which cross streets lead into the park.

Palmore questioned where the city has the space to put up a sign and suggested that the city contact MoDOT, since First Street is a state road.

Public Works Commissioner Robert Brueggemann said he was meeting with MoDOT soon to review locations for the Grant Trail signs.

“We’ll go by Liberty Field and have them look at it,” Brueggemann said.