The Pacific Agape House food pantry needs an influx of food, according to Jeannie Guffey, administrator.

The pantry serves 1,100 individuals every two weeks to supply them with the food staples for a healthy life style, including children who have no certainty of a healthy lunch, the working poor who cannot afford groceries and senior citizens who must choose between food and medicine.

“We have staples like cheese, meat and milk, but we do not have enough canned foods for families to make meals,” Guffey said.

The food pantry will launch a series of food drives, asking the community to help with the shortages.

On Nov. 16, Old Newsboys Day, Guffey plans to don a newsboys cap and stand on Lamar Parkway to raise attention to feeding the needy.

The Old Newsboys mission is to ensure that children who are at risk in the community, because of abuse or poverty, receive adequate food, shelter, clothing, medical care and are provided equal opportunity for social development.

“We get help from them and I’m going to be out there calling attention to the need,” Guffey said.

Food items needed at the pantry include pasta and pasta sauce, cereal, dry beans, spaghetti, canned ravioli, catsup, mayonnaise, pickles, relish and box dinners.

For information about conducting a food drive or about items needed at the pantry contact Guffey at 636-271-5315.