Alderman Herb Adams says he will continue his campaign to make citizens aware that it’s time to consider the need for additional revenue to maintain and grow the city.

Adams said he has made it known to fellow officials that he will not let up on his commitment to engage citizens in a new revenue campaign.

Additional revenue is needed to provide the services that citizens want and need, he said. Particularly important is the need for street improvement funds and money to improve city parks.

Adams cited a small retention pond in the unimproved area of the city park that abuts Hawthorne subdivision as an example of how citizens have demonstrated their quest for more park amenities.

“It started as a retention basin for stormwater,” he said. Then someone threw some fish in and a few people fished there. Next thing kids were showing up to fish there. Then someone organized a fishing tournament that turned out to be an annual thing.”

With adequate funds there are things the city can do to make the pond a usable body of water that will be an asset not only to the park system and the people who like to fish but to the subdivision next door, Adams said.

“At this point it is still just a little pond,” he said. “We’ve got to do better.”

Adams said the city street program is another example of what people want.

“People want Pacific to be progressive,” he said. “They want adequate streets with curbs and gutters throughout the city. They want a well-operated stormwater center. Everyone knows these things need money.”

Adams also said that citizens’ expectations have been raised by the mayor’s recent efforts to bring all the city boards and committees to full force and mandate frequent meetings.

“These committees are made up of the city’s best thinkers. They are starting to meet and they will come up with ideas of what our city needs,” he said. “But they have no funds to implement their ideas. I believe citizens will want to see progress and will understand that revenue is needed if we’re going to see these things happen.”

Adams said he has asked city staffers to put together a plan to educate citizens on city needs and to begin a tax increase campaign.

“This can only be done if the citizens are on board,” Adams said.