An electronic sign now sits at the entrance to St. Clair R-XIII School District off Gravois Road.

The new sign is one of the several projects completed this summer in the St. Clair School District.

Over the past five years, the district has accumulated more than $36,000 thanks to the Farmers & Merchants Bank Bulldog debit card program.

For those who have a Bulldog debit card and select credit when purchasing items, the district receives money as a promotional kickback from VISA. Every six months a check is delivered to the district from FMB.

Administrators and staff were admiring the new sign at Thursday’s board meeting.

“People wonder why sometimes you spend significant dollars on something like a new sign,” Superintendent Dr. Kyle Kruse said. “When parents drive to a new town to decide whether or not they’re going to move there, they drive by the schools.

“If they like what they see, they stop,” he said. “If they don’t like what they see, they drive on by.”

Kruse added that if one kindergartner moves to St. Clair and graduates from high school, the sign will pay for itself.

“Each student in St. Clair actually brings in about $4,000 in state revenue,” Kruse said. “That’s why we do these things. It’s growing the community, growing student pride and commitment to excellence is what we’re about.”

The superintendent expressed gratitude to Farmers & Merchants Bank. The cost of the desired entrance sign was approximately $52,320 from Piros Signs Inc.

The board unanimously approved the bid for a new high school entrance sign off of Highway 30 during the May board meeting.

Other Projects

In addition to the new sign, several other projects were completed over the summer.

At the high school, Principal Dr. Jennifer Davis said the new life skills classroom is “amazing.” It is located next to the cafeteria and it allows for more space and accommodations for junior and high school special education students.

The board approved a construction bid with Jay Rice Contracting in the amount of $21,990 at the June meeting. Cabinets are the only item left to be installed, according to Davis.

“The room looks really nice,” board member Craig Licklider said.

The junior high received a new gym floor and a boys locker room after a water pipe flooded the areas in January. The gym floor was completed in July and the boys locker room was recently completed.

“The boys locker room looks impressive. It looks amazing,” Licklider said.

Additionally, the district received 12 newer buses to replace the older models. The bus replacement was approved at the April board meeting.