Highway T Reopens

More than $21.4 million of Franklin County’s $52.2 million budget will go toward the construction and maintenance of the county’s 835 miles of roadway, 1,670 miles of right of way and 160 bridges.

During a budget presentation, County Auditor Tammy Vemmer explained the ins and outs of a few of the larger county departments.

The actual operating expenses will be $19,231,373 with an additional $2,241,688 appropriated for emergency reserves.

According to the Auditor’s report, $10,728,063 of the road and bridge fund comes in from taxes.

An additional $4,524,000, 29.6 percent, comes from intergovernmental revenue, and the remaining 1 percent comes from interest, transfers and other revenue.

In addition to laying out where the money will come from, Vemmer also gave a detailed list of how the money is spent within the department.

• Capital Improvements — $8,127,000 — 42.3 percent;

• Salaries and Benefits — $4,310,530 — 22.4 percent;

• Road Repair Materials — $2,265,000 — 11.8 percent;

• Capital Outlay — $1,736,000 — 9 percent;

• Debt Service — $1,397,770 — 7.3 percent;

• Equipment Operations — $586,000 — 3 percent;

• Equipment Repair and Maintenance — $410,000 — 2.1 percent; and

• General Expenses — $229,298 — 1.2 percent.

Three other categories, including bridge and culvert repairs, services and supplies/other, round out the remaining less than 1 percent, with a total of $169,775.

Budget Highlights

According to the 2017 budget, the budget for office supplies has been reduced to $2,500, down from $7,100, a savings of $4,600 from 2016.

Office equipment has been budgeted at $16,000 with the intent of purchasing two laptops/tablets, a copier and telephone headsets.

An additional $14,000 has been budgeted for consultant fees for the acquisition of web-based work orders.

2017 Objectives

• Solicit bids and construction, Shawnee Ford Bridge;

• Preliminary engineering and acquire right-of-way, Possom Hollow Bridge;

• Preliminary engineering and acquire right-of-way, Fiddle Creek Bridge;

• Select engineering consultant, begin design, Ridge Road Bridge; and

• Submit bridge replacement TIP application.