Washington School District

The Washington School Board has been selected as a recipient of a 2018 Outstanding Board of Education Award in Teaching, Learning and Assessment.

The school board will be honored at the MSBA (Missouri School Boards’ Association) Leadership Summit June 1-2 at Tan-Tar-A Resort, Osage Beach.

MSBA is governed by a board of directors made up of local school board members from districts throughout the state.

“Being recognized in this area is remarkable and deserving considering the progress we continually make in the area of teaching and learning,” said Superintendent Dr. Lori VanLeer. “They (MSBA) expect continuous improvement and support the enhancement of curriculum, academic programming, professional development and all things related to achievement in our schools.”

All applications were reviewed by members of the MSBA Leadership Development Committee according to the degree to which the criteria areas outlined in the application were addressed.

Each of the criteria was scored on a four-point scale. The applications that were selected for recognition earned at least 85 percent of the total points possible and did not receive any level one ratings.

Washington received 88.3 percent of the total points possible.

In the area of curriculum, MSBA said the Washington School District offers a current, comprehensive curriculum that is externally aligned with Missouri standards and internally aligned within and across all grade levels and all subject areas.

MSBA said current board policies support a systematic review, evaluation and revision of the curriculum that includes input from all stakeholders. It also noted the board periodically reviews the curriculum for its alignment, delivery, improvement and effectiveness.

In the area of instructional leadership and effective instruction, MSBA said the district’s practices are based on high-quality research and high expectations for all students.

It noted the board reviews instructional leadership and supports plans that protectively seek improved instructional leadership and effective instruction, and this has led to increased student performance.

In the area of data-based decisionmaking, MSBA said continuous collection and review of data guides decisionmaking in the district and this had led to improvement in instruction and programming.

In the area of student assessment, MSBA said the board supports plans that protectively seek improved assessment practices to improve instruction and student performance, and this had led to improvement.

The board also received a high score for access to education programming and resources. MSBA said there is focus on closing achievement gaps by using data to adjust practices and provide targeted programs or support.

Held in June each year, the Leadership Summit is MSBA’s summer conference. The June Delegate Assembly focuses on the election of state officers and any proposed changes to MSBA’s bylaws.