The Washington School District is making some changes to its assessment plan due to the state no longer paying the ACT fee for all juniors as it did the last two years.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Judy Straatmann said each district is now challenged to either revert back to having all students pay their own ACT registration fee or revise its assessment plans to address this change.

Straatmann discussed the assessment plan at last week’s school board meeting.

Prior to 2015, all students paid their own registration and only had the option to take the assessment on the national ACT assessment days scheduled on Saturdays spread throughout the year.

The Washington School District has now revised its plan to include paying for either a Workkeys or one ACT assessment for Washington High School-enrolled students.

Straatmann said WHS student and counselors will use “student plans of study” to assist in choosing between the ACT or Workkeys assessments.

“Every WHS student will be required to take one or the other during their high school career, unless exempt,” she said, adding it’s important that student take the “right test” at the “right time” so they are prepared to enter the workforce or for college entrance.

The Workkeys assessment is given during a student’s senior year at various times throughout the spring.

“WHS enrolled juniors choosing to take the ACT as their one district-paid assessment will take the assessment Feb. 27 at school,” Straatmann said. “More information about registering for either of these assessments will be sent home with WHS students and will be available on the WHS webpage.”