The Union School District is moving forward on its first energy saving project.

The district partnered with Control Technology Solutions (CTS) earlier this year.

The school district will replace several HVAC units in the coming months.

Assistant Superintendent Mike Mabe said the plans were agreed on at a meeting with CTS, the school district’s energy-savings partner, Thursday, Aug. 31. He said the HVAC units that are being replaced were in dire need of replacement.

The project was earlier approved by the school board as an emergency repair not to exceed $500,000 in July.

Mabe said the district hopes the project will begin in late October and be finished soon after.

Clark-Vitt will receive six rooftop units, the high school will receive a 20-ton and 30-ton rooftop unit, the middle school will receive two 25-ton units and Central Elementary will receive two heat pump units.

Mabe said CTS and the district’s maintenance team went through and found the most critical units that needed to be replaced as soon as possible.

The replacement expected to save the district money, Mabe said.

“Newer technology, control systems, more efficient units and also looking at a few rebates on the table from Ameren where we’ll get some money back,” Mabe said.

Kavahn M.

UNW HVAC Project 09/06/17