Union R-XI officials are confident the district can raise its Missouri School Improvement (MSIP) 5 performance scores in the coming years.

The district released its building-level 2016-2017 annual performance report at the December board meeting, charting academic and general achievements throughout its five schools.

MSIP 5 measures students with five standards, including academic achievement, subgroup achievement, college/career readiness, attendance and graduation rates. Each score contributes to a total, or a percentage, of points earned.

Subgroups include students in the free and reduced lunch program and students with disabilities.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Scott Hayes said the results, like the district-wide report, showed the district has areas it needs to improve. He said Union should be performing alongside other area districts.

“I believe that Union should be and can be an academic powerhouse,” Hayes said.

The scoring system rewards districts for showing improvements, such as how much an individual student improves his or her academics year to year.

The district earned 80 percent overall, the same score as last year. Union High School did not have a total this year due to testing changes; Union Middle School received 63.4 percent; Clark-Vitt Elementary received 85.7 percent; Beaufort Elementary received 91.4 percent; and Central Elementary received 81 percent. Only third-grade students at Central take the MAP test.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Scott Hayes said while it may look like a plateau, the district did have improvements in its academic achievement standard, seeing a boost from 58.9 percent earned in 2015-2016, to a 67.9 percent score this year.

In the four academic achievement subjects — English and language arts, science, social studies and math — the district was either approaching its targeted score, or already on target.

However, in other areas, or standards as they are called by the state, Union saw slight decreases. Attendance dropped below the district goal of 90 percent hurting the district’s overall score, subgroup achievement decreased slightly and college readiness suffered.

Only the high school is tested in all five areas. The other buildings are assessed in academic and subgroup achievement and attendance.

Hayes said attendance was one of the more frustrating scores the district needs to improve on at every school. Each school is expected to have 90 percent of its students at school 90 percent of the time, a standard set by the state.

“Attendance is one of those we should be able to (meet the goal), in all five buildings,” Hayes said.

He added that work on academics, specifically math and English and language arts, has been ongoing with the district’s new curriculum coordinating council. The council was assembled throughout 2017 to better understand and adjust curriculum in the school district.

“We’re working hard to move forward but we’re also taking a step back to make sure learning is aligned from kindergarten up through high school,” Hayes said. “We’re trying to do the best we can to make sure our kids are getting what they need to get.”

The building-level scores are as follows:

Union High School

• College and Career Readiness: 27.5 out of 30

• Attendance Rate: 7.5 out of 10

• Graduation Rate: 30 out of 30

Union Middle School

• Academic Achievement: 33 out of 48

• Subgroup Achievement: 10 out of 12

• Attendance Rate: 7.5 out of 10

Clark-Vitt Elementary

• Academic Achievement: 40 out of 48

• Subgroup Achievement 10 out of 12

• Attendance Rate: 10 out of 10

Beaufort Elementary

• Academic Achievement: 44 out of 48

• Subgroup Achievement: 10 out of 12

• Attendance Rate: 10 out of 10

Central Elementary

• Academic Achievement: 27 out of 32

• Subgroup Achievement: 6 out of 8

• Attendance Rate: 7.5 out of 10