Students may be browsing more carefully on their school-issued Chromebooks at Union R-XI from now on.

More than 2,000 Union parents have started receiving weekly emails listing what sites students visited, web searches, time spent online, social media usage and activity and suspicious or alarming activity through Securly’s Parent Portal.

The portal allows parents to get a bird’s-eye view on their student’s activity throughout the school week.

District Technology Coordinator Matt Jones said the school district believes this will help curb students misusing their Chromebook and give parents a better idea of how their children are spending their time on the devices.

“A new feature is the ability to allow parents to have access to all of their students’ daily activities through a parent portal,” Jones said. “That will help ensure that parents are aware of what their students are doing and it gives parents a little more insight into how their kids are using those products.”

The school district has roughly 950 devices for its students and recently reached 1-1, or a device for each of its students’ grades from third grade up.

A device for each student is part of the district’s One-to-World technology initiative, an initiative Jones said the district is ahead on.

Parents will also gain access to parental controls of the students’ Chromebooks from home.

A letter sent to parents stated that Securly’s Parent Portal would help students stay focused and safe on the internet.

Parents can sign up to receive the email and having access to their student’s Chromebook through the Parent Portal that was sent out to each parent in the district earlier this week.

Adjustments on what is emailed each week, or what sort of suspicious behavior should be flagged can also be changed. Parents of high school students can also block certain websites on student’s devices from use while on and off campus.

“We’re trying to be as transparent as we can be with parents,” Jones said.