The Union FFA Chapter completed its portion of clean stream on the Bourbeuse River during a two-day float trip June 26-27.

Operation Clean Stream is one of the largest river restoration projects in the United States.

Approximately 2,000 volunteers help revive the Meramec River and its tributaries including the Big, Bourbeuse, Courtois and Huzzah Rivers.

Approximately 25 Union students participated in the FFA event, which stretches from upstream of Massey Ford to Hartman’s Bridge.

Operation Clean Stream has become more than a river cleanup project.

It is used as an activity for educating citizens on the value of clean water and our responsibility to the environment.

It has helped turn the local waterways from a wasteland into a conservation and outdoor recreation resource available to be used by all citizens.

Over the past 49 years, this program has aided in the removal of thousands of bank-side cabins and tons of trash.

Most importantly, it has helped to improve water quality, and enhance habitat for the local fish and wildlife.

Operation Clean Stream has been recognized as a key environmental event in the St. Louis Region.

This year, participants collected over 20 tires, many bags of trash, and 700 pounds of metal, including a door frame, ladder, and several car parts.

The Union FFA Chapter is exhibiting the FFA motto of Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to serve in their daily lives.

Service is an important part of the FFA.

Through serving others, FFA members learn the importance of hard work, the rewards of a job well done and the satisfaction of helping others.

Through agricultural education and FFA, Union FFA members are truly, living to serve.

The Operation Clean Stream project is one of the favorite community service projects completed each year by the Union FFA Chapter.

Article submitted by Katie Feth, Union FFA reporter.