The St. Francis Borgia Regional High School Student Council will host its first Wellness Week Feb. 25-March 1 to raise awareness about physical, mental and social well-being.

“This is something new that we are trying to do, and we hope that it benefits both students and staff in some way,” said Nicole Addison, teacher and Student Council moderator.

Some of the activities planned include wellness bingo, where each student and teacher will receive a bingo board with tasks to promote a healthy lifestyle.

“If they have completed that task, then they mark it off and continue until they make a bingo,” Addison said. “Once a bingo is made, they can turn it in for a chance to win a prize. This activity will run throughout the week.”

There also will be different activities set up each day on the lunch tables in the cafeteria, such as coloring, games, talking points.

Additionally, Student Council members will display quotes in the bathrooms to help create a positive environment.

On Tuesday, Addison said students will create a Kindness Chain, where they will write one compliment about themselves and then it will be hung throughout school.

“We will have our first Borgia Olympics on Wednesday,” she said. “Each advisement (group) will compete against each other in challenges that will test their physical strength, mental strength and teamwork.”

On Thursday, a motivational speaker, Kyle Scheele, will address students.

Other activities will include “Stretching with Callahan” in the morning before school and a self-defense class in the evening on Tuesday. 

Addison said Student Council members have been looking for ways to provide students with ideas about how to live better mentally, socially and physically.

“And then we were trying to create activities that would incorporate that and actually show them, not just tell them,” she said. “Teachers also will be demonstrating coping mechanisms throughout the week in their classes, such as coloring, prayer, walking, reading, etc.”