Dwight Elmore

St. Gertrude School has hired Dwight Elmore as its new principal for the 2018-19 school year.

Elmore, 50, recently left Holy Child School in Arnold, where he served as principal. He left when the pastor left the school.

Prior to that, Elmore was a principal at St. Joseph in Wentzville from 2007-2014.

Before pursuing his career as a principal, Elmore was a teacher for 13 years at St. Ambrose School where he met his wife, Emily. They now have two children, Eddie, 4, and Cecelia, 8.

He graduated from the University of Missouri-St. Louis with a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s in educational administration.

Elmore grew up in Maryland Heights, attending St. Blaise, which he called his playground. His house was so close, Elmore said he was always at the school for something.

Growing up with nine brothers and sisters, Elmore said he wasn’t the best student.

“They (the teachers) knew I was coming,” he said.

Elmore said he believes in hard work and now keeps his sophomore year grade card, filled with grades less than the C needed to pass, in a cabinet near his desk to remind him where he comes from.

Now, when he has students come to his office, he studies his own grade card, and with a deep breath, he meets with the student remembering how he was back in those early days which makes the conference go smoothly.

Since his days of being a principal, Elmore said he misses the time he has in front of the kids. So in order to combat this, he plans a cameo with his social studies teacher.

“It gets me in front of the kids,” he said. “That way they see me as an actual teacher as well.”

All in all, Elmore said it’s about the kids. If there is a tough decision to be made, he said he will always go back to what’s best for kids.

“Teaching is a passion,” Elmore said. “It’s something I love to do.”