The goal for the Union School Board at the beginning of the month was to add one school resource officer (SRO) — it’s the end of the month and two have been added.

The board welcomed Kevin Williams and Mike Movila to the district during its meeting Wednesday, Aug. 22.

Williams is working at Union Middle School, which will be his permanent location. He also will help out at Clark-Vitt Elementary until another SRO is hired.

The other new addition, Movila, is working at Beaufort Elementary School.

“I’ll do the best job possible to protect those little babies because that’s what I call them,” Movila said.

The need for a resource officer at Beaufort has been high on the board’s radar since trustees Aaron Bockhorst and Matt Borgmann expressed frustration that the school was the most vulnerable without an SRO.

Beaufort is about 8 miles, or an 11-minute drive, away from the Union Police Station. The school falls outside of city limits, which made it difficult for the police department to put an officer at the school.

An agreement between the district and the sheriff’s department states that an additional SRO would be added to Beaufort if the district paid the entirety of the salary.

Beaufort is the first school in the county to have a full-time SRO who is part of the sheriff’s department.

“We think highly of our SROs,” said Virgil Weideman, president of the school board. “They’re a part of our staff and family.”