Union students could have another summer of cash incentives ahead as the district prepares to vote on bringing the Summer Journey back for a second summer.

The school board will vote on the renewal of Catapult Learning Summer Journey for another summer Wednesday, Jan. 17, at its monthly meeting.

Superintendent Dr. Steve Weinhold said he and the administration will recommend the board approve having Catapult Learning provide the summer courses again.

Academic success and growth from the program overshadowed the delay of the cash gift cards students received for good attendance, Weinhold said. He noted that Catapult Learning itself wasn’t to blame for the delivery delay but worked to remedy the situation anyway by sending out movie gift cards with apology letters.

The summer session came to a close at the end of June, kicking off with 1,115 students and ending its run with 940 students.

From an academic standpoint, Catapult Learning pretesting and post-testing scores revealed a 62 percent increase of students answering correctly in language arts and reading and a 173 percent increase in mathematics.

At almost every school in the district, summer testing scores doubled or at least raised by more than 15 percent. At the middle school, for instance, summer school students started the session by answering 182 questions correctly overall. At the end of the session, the students answered 888 questions overall.

Attendance averaged 80.2 percent each day. Enrollment at the start of the session topped out at 1,179 students.

The district had initially set a goal for 1,000 students, which was quickly surpassed. In 2016, summer school only attracted roughly 500 students.

The board will meet at the Union High School board room at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 17.