East Central College Education Instructor Greg Stotler recently was awarded the Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award in 2017 – an annual recognition of educators in the St. Louis area who are examples of excellence in their field.

According to his nomination forms Stotler provides a positive and comfortable classroom environment that empowers students to ask questions freely. He consistently engages his students in a manner that forces them to think outside their comfort zone in order to connect their understanding of concepts to their experiences.

The nomination also noted that his teaching is not limited to just the classroom. Stotler can often be found around campus engaging students in activities. He continuously pushes students to access their full potential and to test their limits.

Stotler credits his success in education to his upbringing.

“I went into teaching because I was surrounded by amazing teachers, family, friends and colleagues in and outside school,” he said. “A countless number of people believed in me and always supported my path. Those people knew when to push me and knew when I needed guidance, always demonstrating that life is not a solitary endeavor.”

He brings that mentality to the classroom every day.

“I love preparing students for one of their first ‘teaching’ roles through our coursework. During this experience, a wonderful combination of nervousness and excitement resonates from the students,” he said.